Weststar Company Profile


Founded in 1988, Weststar has grown and changed with its customers needs. We have become much more than a trucking company specializing in hauling OCTG and associated products. Weststar has grown through tenacity and strong relationships with the major producers in California. Weststar became a prominent pipe transportation and logistics solutions provider throughout the 1990s. Continuing this growth into the new millennium, we have established a solid reputation. Weststar is the standard in transportation safety being the only trucking company awarded Sharp VPP by Cal OSHA. We are also the leader in efficiency by the development of LEAN processes and a commitment to continuous improvement.

Weststar utilizes technology to allow data to drive decisions to exceed customer expectations. Our company has a diverse offering of services including: Logistics Control Centers for data collection and management, Yard and Material Management and proprietary inventory software, 3PL and expediting services covering shipments all over North America, as well as a large fleet of trucks, cranes, and trailers to execute any logistics scenario. Looking forward, Weststar is developing a Green Fleet strategy for California.. Weststar is focused on growing its Yard Management and Inventory Solutions Division, expanding its Logistics Control Center business and continued innovation in employee safety.

Weststar is committed to providing innovative new technology utilization in an ongoing effort to provide the highest quality services for our customers. The dedication to LEAN principles we use everyday in our business help us maintain our leadership in our industry. We can help you apply the same principles and achieve the results you are striving for. We hire and train the best people in an effort to create a true team atmosphere. This commitment to excellence has allowed our company to be a consistent leader in the industry, and we plan to continue this leadership in the future.


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